All Day Tea with A View at Ateljee Bar

When it is time to raise your spirits and enjoy life, try Ateljee Bar’s new All Day Tea with A View. Enjoy the best views in town over a cup of tea and the marvellous treats created by our chefs. All Day Tea with A View is offered Tue-Sat 12-4pm

  • The price (€28 / person) includes:
  • The menu of your choice
  • Brewed tea from Ateljee Bar’s selection of teas
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The high-quality delicacies that are served with your tea are handmade, using the best ingredients of every season. You can choose from the following menus:


  • Sweet-cured whitefish, bread seasoned with orange and fennel, and browned butter (L)
  • Toast Skagen à la Torni, sourdough bread, roe, and pickled red onion (L)
  • Roast beef, brioche, and fermented aioli (L)
  • Marshmallows (VE, G)
  • Rosemary pudding, white chocolate (L, G)


  • Portobello mushrooms, semi-dried tomatoes, and fermented aioli (VE, G)
  • Butternut squash panna cotta, seed crispbread, and soya mayonnaise (VE, G)
  • Hummus on toasted sourdough bread, tomato (VE)
  • Raw mango cake and berries (VE)
  • Vegan chocolate mousse (VE, G)


  • Beetroot carpaccio, fermented aioli, and hazelnuts (VE, G)
  • Sweet-cured salmon, bread seasoned with orange and fennel, and browned butter (L)
  • Avocado on toasted sourdough bread, tomato (VE)
  • Raw chocolate and raspberry (VE, G)
  • Blackcurrant financier and white chocolate (L)

Exclusive All Day Tea with A View – luxury for special moments

For special occasions, we recommend the All Day Tea with A View Exclusive package, which includes two Fin de Claire oysters and a glass of Torni’s champagne, in addition to the menu of your choice.

  • Price: €46 / person
  • Incl. menu of your choice
  • Two Fin de Claire oysters
  • A glass of Torni’s champagne

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