Christmas buffet

Christmas buffet

Christmas buffet available during weekdays 11.12. - 22.12.2023 between 11.00 - 14.00

Buffet 59 € / person, with S-etukortti 57 € / person


  • Pickled Vendace and red onion (L)
  • Baltic herring with mustard and tar marinaded Baltic herring (M, G)
  • Pickled herring and blackcurrant herring (M, G)
  • Gravlax salmon with chives and dill pesto (M, G)
  • Smoked perch and potato salad (M, G)
  • Roe mousse (L, G)
  • Country style paté (M, G, N, GR)
  • Figs in port wine sauce (M, G)
  • Green salad, beetroot salad, forest mushroom salad, waldorf salad (L, G)
  • Boiled potatoes (L, G)

Main course

  • Christmas casseroles (L)
  • Christmas ham and mustard wauce (L, G)
  • Charred trout (M, G) with beetroot and tarragon sauce (VE, G)
  • Cep and veggie Steaks (VE, G, GR) with warm beluga lentil and spinach salad (VE, G)


  • Mandarin tiramisu (LL, G) and rosemary Panna Cotta (L, G)
  • Chocolate candies (G), marmalade (L), christmas fruits (L, G)
  • Selection of cheese, gingerbread (L, G) and fig jam (L, G)

LL = low lactose L = lactose-free, M = milk-free, G = glutein-free, VE = vegan, N = incl. nuts, GR = incl. garlic

The rights to price and raw material changes are reserved.

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