Venn mocktails are delicious, alcohol-free cocktails. Excellent tasters and perfect to drink during the day.

Caribbean Getaway
6,90 €

Far away in the Caribbean Sea there is a small island. A coconut tree, a mango tree and a lemon tree grow on the island. A small, multi-coloured

chicken nests under the trees. Once a year, an old Curaçaoan called Valeria sails to the island and picks a single fruit from each tree and a single egg from the chicken. These form the ingredients for the Caribbean Getaway mocktail. At least, that’s what we have heard.

• Coconut syrup

• Mango syrup

• Pineapple juice

• Egg white

• Lemon Limonata

Iris the Unicorn
6,90 €

A magical raspberry dream for adults. The tangy bite of lemon and ginger ale add a thimbleful of arrogance to the charming elegance of the pink fantasy.

• Lemon juice

• Raspberry syrup

• Raspberry

• Ginger ale

6,90 €

In a study conducted by the University of California, raspberry purée and agave syrup were found to make the test subjects’ eyes 45% brighter. The study also found that test subjects who ingested cranberry juice had over 20% rosier cheeks than those in the control group. Additionally, the popcorn-component of the drink was found to cause overflowing joy.

• Raspberry purée

• Agave syrup

• Cranberry juice

• Popcorn

• Sprite

LL = low-lactose, L = lactose-free, G = gluten-free, VN = vegan, S = spicy hot, M = milk free, V = vegetarian dish, N = contains nuts. Please ask our staff for more information on dishes.

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