10th Floor May Day lunch

10th Floor May Day MENU 59€

1.5.2023 | 12.00-14.00 | 15.00-17.00

Vaakuna Skagen and rye croutons (L)

Caesar salad (L, contains fish) | Kik pea salad (G,VE)

Pear, Aura Blue Cheese and walnut (L,G)

Balsamico marinated champions (G,VE)

House potato salad (L,G) | Tomato giant bean salsa (G,VE)

Slightly pickled cucumber (G,VE) | Roasted cauliflower (G,VE)

Traditional herring table (L,G) and roe selection (L,G) | Dill butter potatoes (L,G)

Cold smoked salmon (L,G) | White fish ceviche (L,G)

Roast beef and horseradish foam (L,G)

Mushroom pie (L) | Chicken couscous (L)

Bread selection | Hummus (VE), olive tapenade (VE) ja herb cream cheese (L,G)


White fish, dill butter and potato puree (L,G)


Lamb file, roasted vegetables and dark sauce sage (L,G)


Artichoke croquets, roasted vegetables and herb hummus (VE)


Vaakuna cheese palate, crackers and fresh fruits

Croissants and jam

May Day donuts | Vanilla pannacotta (L,G)

Rocky Road Chocolate (L,G) | Candy Buffet

Coffee and Tea


For children (4-12 years) 25€

Starters and sweets from the Buffet

White fish and potato puree (L,G) or Small sausages and potato puree (L,G)

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