Breakfast with a View

Koe unohtumaton aamiaiselämys kaupungin kattojen yllä. Ateljee Barin ylellinen aamiainen tarjoillaan ke–su klo 8-11

hotelli Tornin 12. kerroksessa. Valitse mieleisesi aamiaismenu kolmesta vaihtoehdosta.

Suositelemme tekemään pöytävarauksen.

Breakfast with a View

47,00 €

Smoked salmon mousse, bread seasoned with orange and fennel and pickled red onion (L)

Salmon pastrami and lemon (D, G)

Skagen and fresh horseradish (D, G)

Sweet-cured whitefish and smoked roe (D, G)

Poached egg and fermented aioli (L, G)

Bacon (L, G)

Roast beef (M, G)

Comté cheese

Sourdough bread and beurre noisette (L)

Croissant with jam

Salad, tomato and cucumber (D, G)

Fruits (D, G)

Rosemary pudding and berries (L, G)

House juice

Coffee, brewed tea

47,00 €

Overnight oats with berries (VE)

Green smoothie (VE, G)

Chia pudding and salt roasted almonds (VE, G)

Tofu and fermented celery (VE)

Sourdough bread and browned butter (vegan) (VE)

Crispbread with seeds and chilli hummus (VE)

Organic ryebread with avocado mousse and honey fungus (VE, G)

Salad, cucumber, tomato and paprika (VE, G)

Vegan cheese (VE)

Vegan cutlets (VE)

Fruit (VE, G)

Chocolate mousse and juiced berries (VE, G)

House juice

Coffee, brewed tea

47,00 €

Overnight oats, berries and toasted seeds (VE, G)

Green smoothie with ginger (VE, G)

Berry smoothie (L, G)

Avocado and macadamia nuts (VE, G)

Boiled eggs, spinach and cep mushrooms (L, G)

Granola and sea buckthorn (L)

Natural yoghurt (L)

Toasted nuts and seeds (VE, G)

Fruits (VE, G)

Sourdough bread and browned butter (L)

Crispbread with seeds and hummus (VE)

Salad, tomato and cucumber (VE, G)

Blackcurrant financier and blackcurrants (VE)

House juice

Coffee, brewed tea

LL = low-lactose, L = lactose-free, G = gluten-free, VN = vegan, S = spicy hot, M = milk free, V = vegetarian dish, N = contains nuts. Please ask our staff for more information on dishes.

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